Hulme Sweet Hulme – a Collaborative Poem

The Hulme sweet Hulme project is funded by HLF and delivered by Tracie Daly,  One Manchester and REELmcr –  For the past year and half we have been interviewing people who’ve lived in Hulme since the 1940’s Terraced streets of  Hulme, rehoused through the slum clearances and to those families who moved into a brand new system built Hulme in the late 1960’s- the documentary covers their stories until the demolition of the flats in the 1990’s.  The film will be premiered in September this year alongside the documentary we have bee working with renown poet Tony Walsh and the people of Hulme from 1940 to young people living there today to write a poem – Hulme to me –  we will be showing s section of the poem on the day and bringing some of the participants who took part.

Any visitors wishing to share photographs of Hulme, please bring them along to be scanned and used with poems.

Time: 15.00 – 16:00 Thursday 27th July
Brooks Building, MMU Birley Campus, Hulme

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